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Lola was absolutely the smartest dog I've ever had the pleasure to share my life with. Of all the Rotts and Welsh Corgis, she had them beat. Housebroken (and trustworthy) in a week. Of course, we have a dog door, but still...a week? She slept in a crate, but never had to go out during the night. She never chewed on anything other than the toys I gave her. My furniture was finally safe, although the wooden furniture still bears scars from other puppies I've had.

She was just over a year old when I went through cancer treatment. Daily radiation and weekly chemo meant that I spent a lot of time on the couch. She stayed by my side, but on the floor, all the time. Occasionally, I would waken from a nap to find a toy pushed under my chin. I guess she thought I might want something to do when I woke up. She would check on me each night, putting her face near my head and quietly woofing. I would mumble "Shhhh... go back to sleep" and she would quiet down and leave me alone.

Lola loved her toys. She would play catch for hours, and fetch until she was worn out. She never gutted her stuffed animals, but she shook them half to death, then brought them to me to throw.

She never wanted to be separated from me. She liked my husband but I belonged to her. She followed me everywhere and would wait patiently until it was time to go do something else. Everything was an adventure. Even running the vacuum. And when we went for a walk she hopped up and down in excitement as we walked down our driveway.

She liked everybody she met. She wasn't pushy in her attention, but didn't shy away either. I always wondered, if called for, if she would be a good watch dog. She probably would have helped an intruder carry stuff out. Or at least showed them where the good things are.

I let her go to the Bridge today. She has been going downhill rapidly the last few days, and her medical issues have multiplied. Her brain still worked well, but nothing else did. I told her how much I love her and that we would be together again. She was only 3.

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I'm so sorry to read your post. Lola was truly a very special Rottweiler and I can tell very much loved, and a part of your life.
RIP Lola..... 馃槩

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I'm so sorry about your loss at 3 years old. My Bailey made it to 11 but even then, I feel cheated. I have Hank and Dixie now. But there are always the thoughts in my head that I'd trade them both for a young Bailey. She's in my heart forever, so I have 3 Rotties in my life. God bless you and go get your next 'Lola'.
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