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Proud of the A-Team

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Agis's behaviour has been fabulous lately, he's either neutral or friendly.

Walk this morning in High Park. Overslept a bit so didn't set off until just after 9. Agis was as always being a very good doggo (including when a dog he'd been trotting along nicely with got back to his owners and then growled at Agis, Agis just turned the other cheek).

The theme of this walk was 'turn the other cheek'. Nothing exciting happened to Xerxes.

We did trails at first and I decided to take a paved path back towards the park exit, mostly because I thought it would wear down the nails a bit (I trimmed yesterday, but to take off the edges).

We're going along and a CHILD (I do not particularly like children) started throwing stuff AT - not FOR - Agis.

When we had a daycare at the apartment next door, Agis had issues with tight quarters and small children. This kid was probably 2-3 years old and old enough that the parent could've issued more than an anaemic 'no thank you'.

To his credit, Agis looked confused as he got hit with stuff and I told him to keep going and he trotted off. I was very proud and thankful he was such a good boy, because you know if he reacted it would've been HIS fault and not the fault of the parent who didn't control their child. I taught my DOG manners, teach your kid some.

Mutter mumble. Like I said, not a kid person. But I stayed calm and we kept walking.

Agis found a stick and that was exciting so he was running 200m ahead, 200m back, full sprint - good to tire him out - and then he took off towards a group of dogs - he was a bit out of sight - I could hear what sounded like the start of a melee though all the owners were standing around but I called 'AGIS!' and I saw a black dog (that I assumed to be Agis, I couldn't tell at that distance haha) break off and come hurtling towards Xerxes and I - yup, Agis.

He also noticed his first garter snake (we've gone by a lot) and jumped about two feet into the air when it slithered off. Heh. I told him to leave it and he moved off.
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Good for you, and Agis!! So glad that he is coming along so well. You've put time and energy into his training and it's paid off for you. :)
Funny about the snake....they either don't see them...or a stick snapping under their feet make them jump 2 feet in the air...hahaha!
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Thanks BBD! Yes he’s doing great. I think he’s a dog I’ll always have to be situationally aware with but it’s a pleasure to see him now.

I thought it was funny too - I mean, I’ve seen lots while with him but apparently never noticed before!
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