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Puppy coco

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Hello, I love all the pictures on here :) I’m a night shift worker, I work three nights a week, my pup is 13 weeks and she sleeps in her crate in the night, and sleeps well no crying. My hubby is home with her but he leaves at 6 for work I’m back at 8am, I’m thinking how can I sleep with a pup as I need at least 5hrs as I do double shifts. Any advice would be much appreciated. Ta Kelly.
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Welcome to the forums!! How many hours in total is Coco crated?? I think having someone to come in and take her for a walk, and give her a mid day meal would probably help. It's hard on both you and the need more sleep, and she needs more time stimulated and exercised. At her age she is going to need less sleep and more time out of the crate.

Is there a doggie day care that she could go to on the days you are needing sleep?
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