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First time on the forum.

I have a 4 month old puppy (Poppy) she's been a delight so far 馃.

My question is on exercise. I've started to use a dog walker 2 days a week as I'm keen to get Poppy socialising with other dogs.

I'm a little concerned about the strain on joints etc.. though. I've read that she should only be doing 5 minutes per month of age? The walker takes Poppy out for an hour. She assures me that she only lets Poppy off lead to run for short periods, and rest of the time on lead.

I don't need the dog walker for exercise as I'm WFH, bit I want the socialisation aspect.

Any advice?


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I have always walked my pups an hour a day... it gets longer building up to around 12mth then i slow down as they get older.
Thats just me... great idea to socialise puppy with dog walker if you dont have time yourself...

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As long as the dog walker is letting your pup go at her own pace. Forced exercise is hard on a young pups ligaments and joints. If the pup is walking on soft ground, and allowed to stop and sniff the flowers, and run off leash in a safe area during the hour of exercise..your pup should be fine. If the dog walker is walking your pup on leash with a big bunch of other leashed dogs for a solid hour...that is not good. A pup that age needs to be able to show you when they have had enough...when it's a group walk...and forced...the pup cannot slow down, or sniff or just look around.
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