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Rawhide Alternatives

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What exactly are you wanting the bone for?

If it's just to satisfy your dogs chewing, what you've listed is pretty much it for the big names. You can try any of the non-edible nylabone type chews, which are pretty durable with little choking danger.

If your looking to supplement diet, then you'll have to do some research on real bones. Beef hip and thigh bones can be used and can be bought from local deli's and are relatively inexpensive. Your dog can enjoy eating some real meat and marrow and they can last for days or longer.

I stay away from rawhide of any kind due to an incident with our dobie last year; not worth the risk. My new rottie hasn't been introduced to bones yet; she has several other substitutes available.

Hope this helps.
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My rott puppies love to chew on Pig Ears. It satisfies their need to chew and keeps them from chewing other things like shoes, furniture, etc. It's not messy, they are relatively cheap ( I get em 2 for a dollar ) and it's the only thing they seem to like. They have refused the nylabones, they won't touch the rawhide bones whether or not they are flavored, and those rubber Kong toys are also ignored.
Mine won't eat anything but those BIGG ham bones ... None of the fakes at all ... I have wasted alot of $$$ till i found just what he wanted ... And only ham bones cause he chokes up steak bones in the middle of the night ... And theres nothing pretty about it ...
go to the butcher and get soup bones (raw) the dogs love them and for teething puppies keep them frozen.Great for the gums.

Mine like pig ears and really likepig hearts , I also get them dentle bones for their teeth , I get them all kind of little stuff too like bisquets and cookies for dogs of course
.... my girlfreind who owns the feed store I go to gets me all kind of goodies for my babies to try , she has 2 Rotties also and likes to spoil mine right along with hers !!!! I have to watch what I give my Kitty she can be a full figured girl if I would let her
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