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After 9 years it was finally time to say goodbye to my beautiful girl on 14/10/22.

Sara was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in one of her front legs & the vet predicted that she only had about a month to live. She ended up living for about 3 more months which we are truely thankful for. She was on medication but suddenly started panting late one night that quickly got worse. We got her into the vet as soon as we could & I knew that the cancer by that stage would have spread to her lungs which I suspected was the cause. The vet disagreed & said that he thinks her heart was starting to fail as well. Putting her to sleep was an extremely hard decision but we knew it was the best thing for her.

I requested that the vet sedate her first which he agreed to do & she passed extremely peacefully in my arms. We had her cremated so I will always have her close to me. She was 53.3kg when she passed & truely was a gentle giant. She intimidated many people purely by her size but won everyone’s hearts when they got to know her.

Sara 09/07/13 - 14/10/22 You will never be forgotten big girl❤


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