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Has anybody heard of this?

Somebody e-mailed me today with this message.....

Hi Tiffany, I stumbled across this site in a desperation attempt, my
Rotti Sampson who has been my best friend for almost 11 yrs now and never
spent a night outside or a moment of neglect is not doing well he all
of a sudden couldn't get up one morning and had to lug him from upstairs
to the car after many tests and x rays he has been diagnosed with a
disease called Rottweiler Distal Polyneuropathy, He is so sad can hardly
get outside without falling down if it weren't for the predizone he
wouldn't be here still I know what has to be done but it is very difficult
he is my kid, my boy. What can be done for him? I'm not rich I work in
the woods and it is really hard to see him hurt. Do you feel there is
anything you can do for me to help him?

I'm not sure what this person is asking from our rescue but I am very curious about this, I've never heard of it. Has anybody had experience with Rottweiler Distal Polyneuropathy?
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