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Scared rottie

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sense I got Dally she is scared of things I was thinking are not normal. She runs from you if we crinkle paper, the vacum, if I move and she was not looking at me. I have never hit her. we got her at 9 months old and she is 15 month now. Anyone have any idea how to brake this or help her not be so scared?

Thank Shell & dally
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You may not be able to break herof this. She may just be a weak nerved dog. Or it could be a case of low self confidence. Training may help. But you need to find a trainer that understands what her issues are and knows how to work with them, and teach you how to work with heron her issues. Start looking into local training clubs, maybe ask your vet if they know of some good trainers or behaviorists. You could also call your local Rottweiler Club or Rescue, or Humane Society and ask them for trainer or behaviorist refferals.
I have been training her sense I got her. I have been working on training for theropy dog. I worry is ifi can't get her over this that she will not beable to do it. She is a sweet girl and loves everyone. I am wondering about my neighbor teasing her while I am at work. I am going to have a fence put in around the yard this spring. but till then they can still see her pin from the road. At time she acts as if she was hit. but I have never hit her. Thanks Shell
If you think your neighbors may be teasing her can you keep her crated inside during the day while you are at work?

If I recall you got her after she was owned by someone else, so there is the possibility that she was hit at some point in time. Just because you've never hit her doesn't mean that she doesn't remember being hit by someone else.

Do you know where she came from (meaning who bred her)? Do you know what hersire and damwere like? Genetics can/do play a big part in temperment. If she had weak nerved parents then chances are she inherited the nervyness from them. A good behaviorist might be able to give you more insight into why she is doing what she does and then give you advice on how to best deal with it.
Sire And Dam both were loving just like her. We now have our yard with a six foot fence and you can't see in. We still have contact with the people we got her from. They say they haev never hit her but i hae to wonder. Kind of like them saying they did not give her table food. Shell
Being gun shy is also something that is in the Gene's.It does not mean that the parents were,but some one if not more were.Hard dogs also produce hard puppys.I have seen some of my grandbabies that do things their grandma does and they never met her.

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If something is done enough times around her will she stop being so gun shy around it?

Most likly not.I trow plastic bags at my puppys(the ones from the store)It makes alot of noise,but does not hurt them.Some don't care and go right after the bags.Others run,and always run(at first) then go after the bag.It also depends on if it comes from with in or if it was man made.If it was man made then you should be able to work thru it.Only the dog knows where it started.Do keep trying.Since you do not know the history of this dog(Grandparents,Great Grandparents) don'y give up on her.

My huband move a T.V tray the other day and Dally pulled me to the other side of the room trying to get away from it. She seen him cleaning it off. I guess she thought it was like the rest of the tables and was not going anywhere.

I have worked through
most of Sampsons threats ... Sometimes he still
gets skiddish when a deisel motor is next to him ...
fire works he loves them , vacume
cleaners no problem , swinging hands nothing
bothers him ... in fact thats one of
our favorite games ( catch the hand )

... I never use a leash unless we
are crossing a street ... so
i must always be one step
ahead of him ( paying attention ) i mean ....
I am glad that when something
spooks him he has enough trust
faith love or what ever it is
to come to me .... Even if
i yell at him he will run
to me instead of anyother direction ...
The only other thing i cant
understand is metal grates ... scared to
death tremmbles if we walk up
on one and there is no where
to go but over it ... ( like R R
crossings or plates they cover sidewalk holes
with ) sometimes i wonder if thats
where he was abandoned you know
thrown down a gutter or something ......

.....From what i have read and
understand thats the worst kind of
dog bite you can have is one
out of FEAR ... Well keep up the
work with your dog you can
over come there fears .... I did .....

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