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Site News: 4/8/05

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Hi Everyone!

I want to thankall of youfor joining, and for moderating yourselves over the past few months. I'm very pleased that I haven't had to enforce any strict rules, and that these forums are evolving into agreat community!

Over the past week I've updated the forum software, enhanced the layout of the site, and have done my best to organize the posts under their proper topics. If you can't finda post, it probably has been moved to another topic. While I'd like for our community to remain as relaxed as possible, please try to keep new posts under the topics where they belong. This will make things easier for our newer members to find the information they need.

So, who owns this board? My husband and I own and maintain this site. I started these forums out of my love of rottweilers. I saw a need for anew online community where everyone is welcome, and where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease when posting questions. While I respect and admire what other forums have done and what they continue todo... Ihope members here will find these forums to be less restrictive and more relaxed.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems, and suggestions for this site are always welcome!
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well hello.Thanks for putting up the board and allowing me to be a part of it.Very good group of people on this board.If your looking for a mod,Donna,Dan,Missy,Artic,Tom,Kitty just to name a few LOL.really anyone on here would be a good choice.
This board has been a very good one so far.None of the nasty people have found it yet and hopefully it stays that way.I got off of quite a few because of the people on them and everyone here is great.

Yes Jess this is a great forum you have here , and wonderful people ! I'm so glad I stumbled on to it !!!! I know this forum is helping alot of Rottie owners out there with alot ofissues we all have......
so thanks !!!!!
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Yeah I want to thank you guys too, this forum is by far the best rottweiler forum I've been apart of soo far and you guys are doing a great job of keeping it that way so once again THANK YOU!
Im a newbie here lol, but hve fouind everyone to be nice and anser mt questions. A a new Ma to Bella. I found very very helful advice here and would recommend it to anyone looking for advice. I am just a pet lover not breeder or show dogs. Thankyou again for all your advice it ah helped tremendously. Brenda aka wimsical.
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