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Spay/Neuter contract

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__________________________________________________________, hereafter referred to as the Sellers, hereby agree to sell and transfer ownership and possession of the animal described below to __________________________________________________________, hereafter referred to as the Buyer, for the purchase price of $_____.00 with the following conditions and warranties:

Breed: Rottweiler
Date of Birth:
Purpose: Pet & Companion

The Buyer agrees to provide good care, both physically and emotionally, to the dog as follows:
1. To provide a fenced yard and to prevent the dog from running the streets without chaining or tethering the dog.
2. To provide the care of a qualified veterinarian in the case of illness or injury and for preventative health care.
3. To provide proper nutrition as advised by the breeder or the veterinarian.
4. To provide shelter from the weather both in winter and in summer.
5. To at NO TIME allow the dog to ride outside of a travel crate while in or on the bed of a pick up truck or other open vehicle.
6. To sexually neuter this pet; at or about 6 months of age to prevent even one pregnancy in females, or before 1 year of age in males. The Buyer understands the reasons for this timely neutering are to eliminate ANY possibility of an accidental breeding and to protect the breed by eliminating the possibility of producing inferior pure or mixed breed puppies. The Buyer also understands that the positive action of neutering is the responsible action of a responsible pet owner.
7. To, in general, care for this dog physically AND emotionally as the loving, totally dependent living being that the dog is.
8. To contact the Seller for advice and/or assistance if, for reasons beyond the buyers control, the buyer finds that the above conditions cannot be adequately met.
9. To contact the Seller in writing and offer the seller the right of first refusal should the buyer decide to transfer possession or ownership of the dog.
10. To provide seller with any and all change of address during the dog's life.
11. To attend regular obedience classes with this dog beginning no later than 16 weeks of age. Classes should continue on a regular basis until at least one year of age.

The seller agrees to the following:
1. To warrant that said dog will be genetically capable of fulfilling his/her purpose as described above.
2. To warrant that said dog will be functionally sound for the purpose as described above.
3. To warrantee that said dog is sold in healthy condition, and will be generally healthy for a period of 72 hours from the time the possession of the dog is transferred to the Buyer. This section of warranty void if dog is not examined by a licenses veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase.

If the Sellers are satisfied that the above described dog is unsuitable for the purpose sold because of conditions outlined in the warranty section of this agreement, the Sellers will refund the purchase price of said dog. In either case, the unsuitable animal will, at the discretion of the Seller, be returned to the Seller at the expense of the Buyer.
This agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and supersedes any and all other agreements between the parties in connection with the sale of the Dog described herein. This agreement may be amended at any time by the consent and signature of all parties in writing, provided that the written document so states that the purpose of the document is to amend this agreement.
This agreement is hereby entered into and wholly executed in the State of ___________________ and litigation arising from any possible breach of this agreement shall be adjudicated in the County of ________________, in the State of ________________, under __________________ law. All parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of said courts. Should any provision of this agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
By signature below, the Buyer(s) and the Sellers affirm that they have read and understand this agreement and will abide by the articles of this agreement.

Seller _______________________________________________ date _______
Buyer________________________________________________ date_______
Address_____________________________________________________ ____
Phone __________________________________________________________
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Great example of an excellent contract!
I got it off a different forum I'm on.I have a contract that every buyer has to sigh also.The only way a puppy Isell can be bred is if it optains an AKC and UKC obed title,is AKC pointed and is a UKC CH.Females can only be bred once and I have to okay every breeding,in writing.Most people I sell to just want pets so all are spayed/neutered.Plus if the contract I have is breached it cost the person 10 times what they paided for the put or 5000.00 dollars(since all my pups are sold for 500. or less)

Donna - no one can fault you for having high standards and personally I applaud your efforts. If every breeeder was as responsible as this we would not see the issues and breed bans that we see popping up everywhere.Keep it up!

Whenever I have a client that talks about breeding their dog I always remind them that 2 million dogs are euthanized a year in this country. It's usually sufficient to change their minds.

BTW - I saw one of your posts with a photo of Daphne - she is beautiful. Good work!
Thank you.

I always swore that I would not be one of those breeders that I seem to run across.I spend alot of time puting together BOOK's that every puppy owner get's.It includes photo's of three generations plus copys of all health cert.that far back.I make a 5 generation pedigree(which I mat),tips on training,health records(which I make myself)I weight every puppy,the first 4 days and every week until they leaveand the owner gets this.I make collars so I know who is who(the new owner gets the first collar) so they can see how tiny their dog was when it was born.I take photo's of the pups every week and this goes in the book.

I buy puppy book's for every puppy to help the owner train their dog better.It does not stop when they leave. I call to see how the dog are doing and help if they need any.I send out birthday cards to all the puppys in every litter I have ever had.I even baby sit my puppys when the owners go out of town.It's call Gramma boot camp.They don't come here and just play.

You buy a dog from me and you are stuck with me for the rest of that dogs life.I even have quite a few people that own more then one(from different litters).

If more people took this as serius as I do I think we could run shelters out of a job.Just a pipe dream.

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Funny thing is many people share that dream. We just need to get more people to think this way.

It's an awesome task and comes with as much responsibilty as raising a child,it is not for everyone.

Keep up the good work. If we can convince one person, one day, one at a time then there is hope for Rotties as well as all other breeds!
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