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Ok everybody lets see your Summer Pics .

Now I got our New beach cruiser together will get some Fun in the Sun Pictures posted soon ...

Heres someone watching the grapefruits grow while begging
for yet another tummy rubb .....

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Summer is starting to get here when it does I'll get some good pics and post them for the world to see.

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Too cute barcurdan !! got some pics on the way !!t/g its getting warm here ! I hate winter ......

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Yeah he thinks he's tuff
....... But he'll never get me
down ... He try's to take me
off my feet ..... next to catch
the hand thats HIS favorite game ... ( wrassling ME )

He is being a jerk tonight
.... Wont do nothing for me (
I worked all day ) and left
him home ....

I just tryed to get him
to take some pictures and NO
WAY ....... Got his lil atitude going ......

Stuborn like his Daddy
...... You think yours is pig headed
..... Just wait it only gets
better ......

Like KIDZ ...... but ya gotta Love it .....

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barcurdan , I like the pic of all the rotties in the bed it reminds me of me .....LOL but anyway your baby is a nice looking rottie if I every seen one ! talking about taking ya off your feet I went for a ride on 4 rottsdown my steps the other day scared the
out of me and them !

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Oh man ..... I mean ( mam
) ...... I bet
thats hell when you get home
...... I know mine is all
over the place like a cat
so glad to see me .... in
and out up and
down ...... bumping
into me .....

with 4 wow ...... i can see
that now ...... ALL trying to
be first in line ......

quiet the welcoming commity .... he he he ......

Like donna said once
........ you got your own lil
parade going on

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Thanks Barcurdan I saved those pics and I'll prolly use them on my site...hehehe! that is if you don't care. anyway he's a good lookin dog and Diamond is drooling and Bud is sulking
. What can I say! and yeah it's a trip and a half literally to try to get in the door after going to work and being gone for too long. Usually though Diamond won't wait till I get in she opens the screen door herself and brings her butt out to see me so she is always first...yeah I'm trying to break her of that, but she ain't wanting to have any part of that!

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OK heres one for
Donna ..... Have you ever
herd of dwarf

Rottweilers ??? ..... I
never have ...... However I have

working on this guyz house
that mini pinchers .... Boy they are

cute ( too cute ) .....
When i was looking for a daushound

I found Sampson .... I had
rescued a weiner and had him

6 weeks before we
found the owner ..... At the
time my

girlfriend was quite attached and
i got to admitt so was I ...

So looking for another one
..... I brought my Rott home ....

Well today she has her own
weinie ..... And i would like

have a real Mini Me for my
Boy .... ( like the picture ) .....

I have a chance to get
one of these mini pinchers ..... But

I know nothing about them
..... I like ( love ) there look ...

Can you tell me if
this is GOOD or BAD
idea .... Sampson

Has no problem being " easy "
with littler dogs ..... In fact he

loves the attention he lays down and lets ALL lil kickers

jump all over him and bite him ....

I guess my question is about the breed more than anything ...

I dont want a HIGH
STRUNG kicker ..... And just

this guyz dogs are great
.... doesn't mean the breed
is ....

Please send help ......

This is what he considers
Mini Me ( now ) anyways ...


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Most little dogs are off the wall.I had a Toy Fox Terrier(don't ask why)He barked alot,ran around alot and thought he was tuffer then any big dog around.Most Min Pins I've seen are like this.They are not like the bigger breeds which seem to be calmer.

I'm also not sure you could ever get one trained as good as your Rottweiler.I'm a big dog person my self,but you never know you might end up with a good one(or you might not).I know this doesn't help much .They seem to be a healthy breed,but they are very active.

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