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<div>The Recall Game</span></font>

This version copyright Rebekah James Pless, 2005, all rights reserved.</span><br style="font-style: italic;">
Free for use by anyone as long as author credit remains intact.</span>

---------------------------------------------------------- -------


<div>Having a dog who will reliably come when called is one of the best </div>

<div>things in life. This means FREEDOM for your dog. Here is how to teach

<div>your dog to RUN to you each time you call it.</div>

<div>1) NEVER call your dog unless you are CERTAIN you can enforce </div>

<div>the command. Each time you call your dog and he does not immediately </div>

<div>come to you to receive a food reward, you take a step backwards in </div>

<div>his learning to come when you call. It is important not to make </div>

<div>mistakes when teaching the recall. DO NOT CALL YOUR DOG if there is </div>

<div>ANY chance you cannot enforce the command. EVER.</div>

<div>2) NEVER call your dog to you for anything unpleasant. If you </div>

<div>need to interrupt a play session, or you are going to trim nails, or </div>

<div>if you are about to do anything to your dog that he does not enjoy, </div>

<div>GO GET THE DOG. Do not call him to you.</div>

<div>3) FOOD REWARD every single recall. EVERY SINGLE ONE. This </div>

<div>means keeping treats in your pockets at all times.</div>

<div>4) Smiles are required equipment when calling your dog. NEVER </div>

<div>EVER call your dog in anything but a praise tone of voice. Correction

<div>will NEVER help a recall. Your dog must WANT to come when you

<div>To play the game you need at least 2 people, and several is great. </div>

<div>Each person is given a handful of very small soft treats. I prefer </div>

<div>tiny pieces of hotdogs or string cheese. Pieces should be VERY small,

<div>even for a larger dog or puppy. I slice a hotdog in half and cut the </div>

<div>pieces the size of a nickle. Once people have their treats, they </div>

<div>should take a seat around the room with as much room between them as </div>

<div>the room will allow.</div>

<div>One person takes the puppy or dog and points him towards the person </div>

<div>who is going to begin the game. This person may do anything to get </div>

<div>the puppy to come towards him except say the word COME. Clap hands, </div>

<div>smile, laugh, show the treat, call PUPPPY PUPPPPY PUPPPPY, or the </div>

<div>dog's name. When it is CLEAR that the pup is committed to going to </div>

<div>the person, and ONLY THEN, say the pup's name, and come. For example,

<div>Bailey, COME! It does not matter if the puppy is almost to you, as </div>

<div>long as the pup hears his name and the word COME while he is going </div>

<div>TOWARDS the person calling.</div>

<div>Hold the hand with the food right up next to your body so that the </div>

<div>puppy has to come all the way up to you and touch you to get the </div>

<div>treat. Do not feed the treat until you are holding the puppy's </div>

<div>collar. This prevents the "snatch and run" game. Praise and pet the </div>

<div>puppy cheerfully while he is getting his treat. Once the pup has had </div>

<div>his little tiny treat, it's time to point him towards another person </div>

<div>who does the same thing.</div>

<div>It is extremely important that the participants understand they are </div>

<div>NOT to say the word COME unless the puppy is already doing just

<div>Play as long as the pup is interested. Main rules, Do not say COME </div>

<div>unless the puppy IS coming, hold the treat up CLOSE to your body, and

<div>you must be holding the collar to feed the treat.</div>

<div>This simple game does more to build a reliable recall than any other </div>

<div>training you can do. Your pup will quickly learn that his name and </div>

<div>the word come means TREAT. Each time you call the pup and reward him </div>

<div>for coming quickly to you, you build a more ingrained and reliable </div>

<div>response. If you are consistent and train this game at least 2 to 3 </div>

<div>times per week, you will have a dog who will ALWAYS come when you </div>

<div>call it. Most owners list this as a top priority for their dogs. Here

<div>is a fun and simple way to attain this goal.</div>

<div>Practice often! Your pup will love this game, and so will your
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