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Training Commands

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Max knows how to sit and shake.I am trying to teach him how to lay down but he is not getting it at all.The shake and sit down was easy.I want to teach him to roll over,army crawl,you know all that good stuff.Today I started the sit at the other end of the yard and not come to me until I said so.That is working pretty good so far.I need some tips or easy any? thanks
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oh yea,he is 12-13 weeks old,I forget LOL.If I snap my fingers and point at the ground,he knows that means sit.Is that wrong to do it that way? should I just be saying SIT? and not snap my fingers? I want this pup to be smart.
Start slow.My puppy is almost 5 months and all he knows how to do is watch me.They do not have the mind set to listen to long and are easyly distracted.Do all your training up close and personal.Having anydog off a leash will not help in force what you are trying to train as you can not correct fast enough.

Do you have training classes close by?He should be entered in those as a puppy so he learns to socialize with other dogs.A puppy with no socializtion turns into an uncontrlable adult.

I never seen a PM from you Dan.That's really good advice.And your right about the paw thing.I wish now I would not have taught him that one.As soon as he sits down hes got one in the air.He knows I have treats.What about the leash thing? he hates it BAD.Great advice from all three of you,thanks again.
Ha HA Rotty's getting pawed
not me ! my terrible2 are going to be 6 months on the 12th and I have learned over the years not to teach that right away !what I consentrate on at first is the leash with a prong collar right off the bat !lets them know who's boss in the very beginning,my kidsknow their going for a walk when the prongcollar comes out and they do the Rottweiler happy dance
you know it the bounce up and down with the front paws.........then it's sit , stay ,come, at short periods of timeand most of it is in my yard at first . It's done with a lot of praise and patience . ( and snacks )Then we venture out
I think I ask you thisbefore...... Rotty is this your first pup?
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Keeping my spot warm yeah right they think I keep it warm for them cuz of course don't ya know according to them that's their spot and they just allow me to sleep there when it suits them...LOL. And your welcome Rotty2 and I knew that he was gonna become your dog when you first told me you were getting him hahaha. Me thinks you was just using the kid as an excuse to get what you really wanted, huh? am I right or what(of course I'm right duh what am I asking you for I already know this , I mean I am a woman am I not)hehe any way good luck on the training and just remember keep it slow and steady and you and he should do just fine, oh yeah and you should get your son and wife involved in the training so he learns that they are in control also.
yea i do want them involved with the training.Max already knows who's the daddy here LOL.
he does.He ran after a car today,can ya buh-lee-dat? I almost beat him.I told him BAD DOG....BAD DOG and put him in his kennel right then and there.He knew he messed up.My fault for not having him on a leash I guess.
Yeah they can be very quick and that is why everyone, tells everyone else LEASH train them first and foremost!!!!!
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