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Trust the male?

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Hi, I have 2 rotties female 15 mths and male 13 mths. Great dogs andI love them to death! Chewy is the girl and she has had some training problems as far as potty training and chasing cars, but she is getting better. Bear (male)is great very laid back and loves to obey u. AlthoughsometimesI don't feel thatI can trust bear around children he is 125 lbs and 27 inches tall already and that may be yI dont trust him
Anyway sometimes he barks and nips atthe kidswhen he doesn't want to be bothered withthem and if u try to take something from him such as a bone.

(The children are 11 and 6. The 11 yr old is responsible for feeding them and walking them in the evenings and my husband does it in the mornings. I don't feed them often but they seem to respect me more then my son and they always respect my husband.)Never food i can take his food away and put my hand in his mouth. He always backs down when I tell him to cut it out and then I ignore him. He is sweet but I am concerned any advice?

I have had both of them since they were 2 mths old they were both brought from pet stores.

Chewy is great around kids and visitors although her bark is loud she is the friendly one she just doesn't listen to well only when she wants to. any advice?
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Bare is a big dog ,and if he is like most dogs he does not think of children as higher in the pecking order.They are equil or under the dog in the pecking order.Children should not be allowed to feed or take the dog for a walk until they are mentaly stronger then the dog.

This is an animal not a human,they think different.If you contine to allow the dog to act this way you are looking for trouble.Make him stop acting like this to the child,or the child will get hurt.

This is very true - dogs are pack animals and live by pack rules. In the pack the smallest, youngest, weakest, etc., is at the bottom.

Maybe you could try this -

when your son feeds Bear - the dog should have to work for it. It's a great time to practice sit/stay/ok and will help to establisha relationship of leadership with the child and dog.

But remember - you are dealing with 2 very young children and a very powerful dog. Perhaps you should take over the daily feeding chores and concentrate on working in obedience skills every opportunity you get.

Though this will help - the only long term solution is for your kids to mature to a physical level and mental state to maitain their position in the family "pack."
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all the reply that you have gotten so far are true. if you train your dogs in like a class or yourself you should always make sure that your children take part in this as well this could help with the pecking order if your dog realizes that he has to listen to your childen as well as you then he might get the point that he is lower then them. i used to have the same problem with my dog he would grab my pants and pull me around then i would put a short leash on him and when he did it make a correction not a hard one just one that makes him get the point that it is not alloud. this may work and it may not i di it with my rott and it did work.and also if you have a crate try when he starts to put him in the crate and let the children know that when he is in his crate not to bother him that is his space. when he gets used to that he might start going in because he learns that he will not be bothered. I hope this helps
thank you I will try out what you advised and I will let you guys know if it works
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