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OK here it is Thanksgiving day and
everybody proly is having turkey ??
right ??

NOT here ... this dam dog
wont even put it in his mouth

Chicken LOVES IT ... would
eat it daily ... Turkey NO
WAY !!!!

I cant even hide it under gravy ....

I dont understand it ...
i can see him NOT eating all
vegtables and even ( being a kid himself
) NOT eating the crust on his
samiches ...

But when i cook him a
peice of steak and he would
rather eat COLD PIZZA ....

I am at my wits end
here .... there has got to
be some kind of food he
would eat on a regular basis .....

" thankgod for grilled cheese samiches " without the crust

oh ya cookies too ....
have to hide the box or else

i thinks i have created a monster .....

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Oh I think Dan has spoild that Sampson of his big time !!!
I don't give my dogs turkey have seen to many get the cha cha's from it so they don't get it .....I know poor babys .......LOL
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