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we have a slight problem

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Max has these farts that will strip the paint from the walls.I thought my farts were bad.stinky dawg
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Rottwieler Chat ....Page
two ..... see " POOP EATER
" .... sounds like a good place to start .....

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Rotty.............and you think your the only one that has this problem ? nope you not's the dog food dude
try having4 Rotties........I have NO paint anymore on my walls
I really should try a new brand of food .....I feed eukanuba ,
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You are not alone any one of my three can clear the room
I feed them pedigree cannot afford the expensive stuff. But they eat lots of venisen and other varments When I have a good hunting season. Tom
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I don't really think it matters anymore what they be eatin' cause they are gonna still be passin' the gas. Just hold your nose and laugh like we do.
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Give it time .....

...... Mine will look right
at me and DARE me to say
something about it .... Look as to
be as disgussted as I am
.... Like I did it ....
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Yeah it's really funny when their sleeping and they let one and it wakes them up and they sniff, get a funny look on their faces and get up and leave like I didn't do that. of course when they can't stand their own scent and leave the room then you know it's really bad....huh?

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LOL POOP EATER.....that smell is awful.any man or woman that can sit there and take it,well I wont say ha ha.
Hello { echo's } O O

Can anybody here me ????

Been kinda dead round here latley .......

I'm guessing Kitty & R 2
C went boating And
forgot to
bring ....... Me

Just to let you
know i used this thread cause

" stinks " tonight
....... everytime I feed him

Pedigree (
canned ) I can plan on open
windows ...

Oh well i will let
myself go .... Don't think I'm
.... I talk

to myself ALL the
time ..... Thats why i have a
dog ....

So people at the red light won't think I'm
Nuts .....

And i dont have to listen to no ones lip ....


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Ariel has gas on occasion too. If I feed broccoli or cauliflour the smell is so bad (both the gas and the deposit). I think it's because she gobbles her dinner down and swallowsa lot of air in the process.

I've also heard that carnivores have stinker waste so maybe adding more grains is the answer.

At the very least, maybe you can rent him out at Lowe's as a wallpaper remover and/or paint stripper.

We're laughing with you.. Really
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she kicked me off the boat when we ran out of beer
baaaaaaaaad kitty
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And you ran out of beer yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? It couldn't have been cause of you now could it huh, huh?
I see you are all talking about me ! and I couldn't do nothing about it ! my puter had cooties
Rotty I told you about the telling thing !you never run out of beer on the boat..... someone on the river always has beer ! but I'm a rummer my self.....I wish I was on the boat ! but it's not in yet , it's to dam chilly here brrrrrrrrrr .....another month then watch out ! a boating we go ! I don't think there is any answer to the stinkies with our rottys, no matter what ya feed them they puff away and badly too !!!!!
we just laugh cover our nose and say ok which one was it ?
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missy30 said:
And you ran out of beer yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? It couldn't have been cause of you now could it huh, huh?

uh,NO......actually I only drink diet pepsi.I did have a diet dr pepper this weeked
just in case your wondering,I am hypo.....all I can't spell that big of a word.Anyways I cant't have any SUGAR and beer converts to sugar,sooooooooooo nothing but diet pop for me.I never was a drinker anyways.It would be nice to have a beer now and then eh.
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If you like that sorta stuff I guess it would be but I don't drink either just cause I don't like it. But I can sympathize with ya.
WELL looks like more for me
...... Its like 88 degrees out
there right now and its not
even noon yet .... Nothing
beats a cold servaysa .....

Dr. Pepper ??? thats like
old moxie aint it ??? I may
be showing my age here ......

Well glad to see you all
made back from your vacations .....

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barcurdan it looks like it's just you and me on the good ship hicup
I 'll give the kids their soda's ........LOL
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Hey now it ain't about being a kid, but I gave myself alcohol poisoning about 4 years ago and I just ain't about to go through that again, also I never did drink beer tho cause I can't stand the taste or even the smell of it. So there!
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Kitty ...... Maybe
they can keep the ICE
cold or bait our
hooks .......

Poisoning thats
BAD ..... Glad you
recovered ....... Lost a few
freinds to alcohol .....

I only drink BEER
now cause of that

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Yeah well thanks and that is why I don't touch the stuff anymore.
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