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webpage update

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my web page has been updated,she added some of my prints(I have hundreds of breeds)5.00 for the body print,10.00 for the head shot plus postage & handling.

[url] l[/url]

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Donna, you are a girl of many talents !!! very nice pictures !
Very nice indeed Donna . You are blessed with many tallents. Tom
oh stop it guys your making me turn all red

I like to draw it relaxs me so I thought why not make a line of cards and stationary.I'm at shows all the time any way,I might as well start a bussines.

I'm trying to find small bussines grants but I'm having no luck.

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Donna , let me check out the grant thing for you , being on council and a business owner I'll see what I can find out ........
Thanks Kitty I've been trying for a while now and can't find a thing.

You really do have a real talent in your art I wish I could express my self as well as you. Maybe I'll send you some head shots of my babies and I can get you to draw them for me.HEHEHE. no seriously I would pay you for them and then I could frame them and hang them.
always looking for consignment work.

Ok then I will take some good pics of them when I get the time and send them to you.
wow,awesome drawings Donna.I like to draw as well,I do some air brushing.If I could draw like you the air brushing would be alot better.mad props,you go girl!!
I have a new page now.It's under construction,but it looks good to me.

Pass it on if you know of anyone who would like a drawing done.

Thanks Donna
I can't believe how good those drawing are. I wish I could be that talented.
You took the words right out of my mouth. You go Girl, Your drawings ROCK!!!!!
Rotty2TheCore said:
wow,.I like to draw as well,.If I could draw like you be alot better!!

Maybe if you didnt eat all your crayola's .......

They are very nice Donna
....... Let me know when you
have a stained glass Rott
head .....
Here is another page I made.It has all the breeds on it that I have made Prints of.

I'm trying to get linked up with as many people as I can.So if anyone has room on their page that they can squezz me in.

No prob you'll be on my site as alink in just a few minutes!
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Those are really great Donna! You have a real gift.
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You really do have a great talent Donna. I will pass the word around and get you put on my site as well. (still getting my site up, should be up in a week or so)
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