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What can i do... GAS

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Chance and i have a little problem well k chance has a problem and i was just wondering what my options were, chance has gas, to the point where it makesa person leave the room
i have fed him purina every since he was a puppy and just in the last6 months it has seems to go from bad to worse to unbearabledoes anyoneelse have this problem or had...? is it the food and if so what kindof food is best or can i keep feeding him thisanddo something else to clear this up, the quicker the better... he isan excellent body weight and healty maybe to healthy... i have concidered changing the food but i have also heard it is hard to switch when he has eaten it allhis life is it o.k todo this or ???????

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Purina has alot of grains in it.

Canidee is a good food for Rottweilers,Solid Gold is an other.

When switching food go slow ,a litte of the new stuff added to the old every week,untill its all new.

He will do fine(Rotts are know for gass)

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Well i have 2 rottweilers and i also foster. you could try instead of changing the food atart putting their food up on a stand yo get it off the floor it will also help to make sure that the stomach doesnt flip. It could also help if you watch him while he eats rottweilers are known for gas but he could be eating his food to fast.

I hope that this information has helped you
Some people believe in raising the food.I have never rasied my Rottweilers food.

The stomach flips while the dog is active(alot of police dogs now have their stomachs sewn down so they will not flip).

well i know that my one freinds rotts stomach flipped while eating and since then her vet told her too keep the food up since she lost her rott.
I have alot of friends that do that.No one raises the food off the ground for the wolfs and they are still alive.I just never saw the point.All my dogs eat in the crates with their dish on the floor.Never had one die in 15 years.

But everyone does things different.

I have the same problem with my
Sampson when I feed him Pedagree
food ..... I also have his water
and food where he doesnt have
to bend down to eat it .... But with me
it IS what i feed him .....
He has a 24/7 supply of water
and dry .... But twice a day
he gets a can mixed with gravy train ....
he only has this problem when
he gets straite canned with no mix
..... And yes People will leave the
... For
some reason he like the cheaper
brand of food ... like albertsons instead
of alpo ..... You will get used to it ....
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yeah and every dog has diffrent problems the best thing is to try everthing possible. hope you can solve the problem
Heres a question for ya
..... Anyone feed there dogs garlic
cloves ?? I dont mind the
medacines i buy for fleas , tics , mosquitoes
, ect. ect. .... I have a friend
that uses dawn dish soap and feeds
garlic cloves to his rotts . And
swears by it .... ( he says he
has too many ) to afford all the
revolution ..... Well just wondering if
anyone else herd of or uses
this method ????</font>
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Tell me he is not washing in Dawn.That takes all the oil off.

If this person is too cheep to buy dog shampoo tell them to use Murphys Oil Soap.It is a great dog shampoo and it does kill fleas.I have been using this on all my dogs for years.It is all natural and adds oil to the coat(do not use this on long coated dogs <collies and such>).

I do put Garlic powder on liver when I make it for dog shows(not salt).

well I give my rotts a good food such as Precise or Eukanuba. It helps alot with gas they used to have alot of gas when they were younger. That could have also been them trying to get rid of their worms. Did you ask the vet about that? Also It could be that he is eating his food too fast . Try it and let me know if you see a difference. To wean him off the food add the new food to the old food gradually.
I feed hercules solid gold and he still gets gas but I think it is more from the human food he gets. we also have raised dog dishes. I just think they get gas once in awhile like everyone else.
Yeah they do just get it like people do I mean come on nobody's body can digest everything we put in them.
Talk about gas !!! Try having 4 rotties and all them at once letting loose a stink bomb !
I've heard about using garlic and I think I might try it , Hey it couldn't hurt ....I've also heard it's good for thier immune system, andstink bombs couldn't smell any worse then they already are !
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Stink bombs do get worse when hunting season comes back around I cook venesine for my dogs and mix it with rice oh what a roomclearing smell that is.&nb sp; Tom
Where do you by the canidee and the solid gold from havent seen either one yet I use pedagree Tom
You should be able to get these food at a pet store.

I know I have a web site on food some where.It will show you what the stuff on the side of the bag really means.

Go to the compare foods.Inova in a good food too.If you go down on the right it says ingreiants click on that.have your bag of dog food handy when doing this.See what your dog is really eating.

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My Rott. does the same thing, he eats way too fast and then 30mins later he gets gas. But about Once a week we give him kayopectite and hat seems to get rid of the gas.
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I'm new to the board. My Rottie had room clearing gas also. He was on Sensible Choice chicken & Rice. I switched him to Canidae and it is much better. You can go to and look up a local dealer. Hope this helps.
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<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">

Murphys Oil Soap? I never heard of that. Is it safe to use on puppies? Do you use it just like you would dog shampoo?</BLOCKQUOTE>
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