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Freyja just turned two and is a can't "mind her beeswax" two years old:)

The weather is to where I can leave the sliding door open to the fenced backyard for the dogs, while I spend a couple hours at the barn with the horses and cleaning stalls.

Smarty pants Freyja has learned to send Sheldon-The-Catahoula/mix out to the kitchen when I come up from the barn. She stays in the living room waiting to see what sort of reception She,Don receives from me.

Sheldon always has his head & tail down, tip toeing like HE tore them use apart --- I know better -- he's been here 4+ years and has never destroyed anything, lol

I ask him what did Freyja do this time? He doesn't say anything, just snugs up against my leg hoping he won't be the one to get yelled at, which he never is.

I missed the best "event" a few days ago, when Missy Freyja dragged a couch pillow outside. She laid down close to the pillow, head between her paws, eyes looking upward in the most pitiful manner. I was fighting laughter so had to turn away from her, leaving her generally not scolded.

Today, was the normal send-She,Don-to-the-kitchen routine but the couch pillow stayed in the house -- placed nearly on top of the heat register with her donut chew toy neatly on top.

Asking Freyja what she did and poor Sheldon silently getting out of the line of fire.


Looks innocent enough, but Freyja took the pillow off the couch, drug it over to the register, covered the register then put her to doughnut neatly on top. The good side to the story is she didn't chew the pillow so
I couldn't do too much yelling but I still had to let her know this was wrong LOL LOL.

This is it near as entertaining as the day Freyja took the pillow out in the backyard but you get the idea,lol.

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