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American (AKC) Terms
BIS - Best in Show: Best Dog/Bitch at an all-breed show.
BISS - Best in Specialty Show:Best Dog/Bitch at a show where only Rottweilers compete.
BOB - Best of Breed:Best Rottweiler (dog or bitch) at an all-breed show.
BOW - Best of Winners : Best between WD & WB
CERF: Canine Eye Registry Foundation; Canine ophthalmologists test and certify eyes against genetic diseases; retesting done annually.
Ch. - Champion: Won 15 points (including at least two "major" wins) under three different judges. Relating to beauty, conformation (structure and movement), showmanship and breed type.
CD - Companion Dog: Primary obedience degree earned from the Novice class.
CDX - Companion Dog Excellent: Secondary Obedience Degree earned from the Open Class.
CGC - Canine Good Citizen: Very simple test of a dogs deportment, manners and temperament.
HIC : Herding Instinct Certified
HIT: Herding Instinct Tested
"Major": Refers to 3, 4 or 5 point shows. Points are computed by AKC statistically and geographically.
OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals; canine radiologists rate and certify x-rays of hips and elbows after the age of 24 months. A basic requirement prior to mating.
OTCH - Obedience Trial Champion: Highest level obedience achieved.
RTD: Registered Therapy Dog
RWD/B: Reserve Winners Dog (or Bitch)
Select: Awarded ONLY at the American Rottweiler Club's National Specialty, to the judge's final few selected for consideration for Best of Breed.
UD - Utility Dog: Third level obedience degree earned from the Utility class.
TD - Tracking Degree: First level degree for test of a dog's scenting and tracking ability.
TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent: Advanced tracking ability degree.
TT: Temperament Tested - awarded by ATTS (American Temperament Test Society.
WD/B: Winners Dog (or Bitch); Dog and Bitch that win the championship points at an AKC show.
Foreign (German) Terms
A.D.R.K.: The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Club. The only German club recognized by the AKC and the FCI; maintains the studbook for Rottweilers only.
Alters Klasse: Dogs over 24 months, separated according to sex. No training degree necessary.
BH: Traffic Safety title - includes on and off leash obedience as well as temperament test.
BS-Bundessieger and Bundessiegerin: Championship titles given to the male and female winner at the one Bundessieger show designated for each year for the whole Federal Republic of Germany. There is only one BS show each year.
BST: Breeding Suitability Test
CACIB-Certificate d'Aptitude au Champion at International de Beaute" When a judge issues a CACIB card to a dog he expresses the opinion that this particular animal seems worthy to him to obtain the International Championship title. He certifies, in other words, the suitability (aptitude) of the dog for this title. The CACIB is awarded at selected International shows which have been approved by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), which is headquartered in Brussels.
FCI: The Federation Cynologique Internationale
FH - Fahrtenhund: Advanced Tracking Degree
G - Gut: Good - a rating given at conformation shows.
GN - Genugend: Satisfactory rating.
Gebrauchshund Klasse: Open or working class, dogs 24 months or over with a training degree. Classes are separated according to sex.
Gekort: Qualified to breed for a term of two years.
Gekort bis EzA: Qualified to breed for lifetime (dogs from 2 to 9 years, bitches from 2 to 8 years.)
International Champion: A title awarded by the FCI after the dog has won two CACIBs, in two different countries, under two different judges. One of the CACIB cards must have been won either in the country of the owner, or in the country where the breed originated (Germany for Rottweilers). The second requirement is that the dog must have participated in a recognized trial in his country with at least 5 dogs taking part, and this trial must include a temperament test, obedience, a tracking test and examination for the absence of gunshyness.
IPO: International Police Dog title.
Junghend Klasse: Dogs 12 to 18 months, separated according to sex. No training degree necessary.
Junghund Klasse: Dogs 18 to 24 months, separated according to sex. No training degree necessary.
Klubsg. - Klubsieger and Klubsiegerin: Male and female winners at the ADRK Klubsieger show each year. Compares to an 'independent specialty' here, and now tends to attract a larger entry than the BS show.
Korung: Advanced Breeding Test-incorporates working, conformation and producing ability.
LS-Leistungssieger: A championship title given to the highest scoring dog in the obedience or working trial championship competition.
LSg-Landesieger: A championship title designated for the winner of the ADRK Landesseiger show put on in the various "states" in Germany, such as Westphalia, Wurtenburg, etc. There are as many LS titles as there are "states".
LSgn-Landesiegerin: A championship title designated for the female winner; same as above.
Lebenzeit Angekort: Lifetime certificate for breeding.
M - Mangelhaft: Faulty rating.
SchH - Schutzhund : Protection dog training degree which is given in order of increasing accomplishment; SchH I, SchH II, SchH III. Minimun age for a SchH I trial is 14 months. Each degree consists of three parts: Tracking, Obedience and Protection.
SG - Sehr Gut: Very good - a rating given at conformation shows.
Vorzuglich - "V": Excellent - a rating given at conformation shows.
WH: Watchdog title
WS (aka Sg/WA): Winner at a show designated as a World Championship show. In German publications, the name of the town where the show was held is given, as "Sg/WS Dortmund.
ZtP: Breeding Suitability Test incorporating hip rating, conformation and basic working ability.

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