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What does your dog do?

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Lets get this place going.

What is the one(or two)funny thing your dog does?

Daphney yodles when I ask her to,and if she has something in her mouth,she will walk past me and wiggle as she goes as if to say look at what I have.

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The only think I can think of is her love of football. We have a block full of boys, who like to play to. So the minute one fumbles, Dallas has it and is gone for her touch down. LMAO. My son made player of the year in football this year, yet he can't get the football from out 17 month old. I keep telling him if he can't play no better than that, we are signing her up in his place.

Shell & Dallas
Brodie gets the paper on the mornings that it comes (Wed-Sun). He also helps us round up the 2 cats at night when it's time for bed. Heloves to help with the laundry(when I carry a load downstairs to the washerhe always carries a piece of clothing for me). And it is his job to keep those pesky bunnies out of the backyard.
Diamond loves to kick me out of bed, when we go to bed at nite she will follow and if i'm not quick enough she will be there in my spot, justlooking up at me like what took you so long and then ,of course ,I have to go in the living room and call her and when she gets there it becomes a race to see who can get back to the bed first. Oh yeah and you cannot go to the bathroom without locking the door or she will be in there trying to see what you are doing.She is a very nosy puppy and don't even try to not let her know what is going on she will not stand for it. Gotta love em.
Missy I have the same ( problem ) LOL .... I got him now so when there other people in the house he will NOT head but the bathroom door till it opens .....
...... Still working on letting me use a towel ALONE .... Seems he likes the drying off part a little TOO much ..... We fight over who's NOT going to let ME dry off first .... As for bed time thats a Race as you were saying .... If theres someone visiting he even " thinks " might be getting in my ( HIS ) bed then its on ..... But I think the best thing Sampson does is .... carry the groceries .... Yup has to be the first one to see whats in the bags .... So i started leaving them outside and now he will drag them in the house ( plastic only ) .... Gotta Love Em .....
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Yeah that's mine too they gotta hit you up at the door to see if there is anything for them in the in other words they get in the way and block you from coming in till they approve. Yeah I love em and so sdoes everyone else that meets them.
wel when i do laundry she carries brings to me whatever i drop while putting it in the basket and taking it to the couch to be folded. And when it comes to bed time she isnt alloud upsatirs because of her hips incase she has even a slight case of problems. anyway if i dont tell her good night and kiss her on the head she will go upstairs and jump on my bed and squash me and lick me. its really funny.
My Kitty loves to bite at my slippers when she wants to play , it's funny to see me draging a 100lb Rottie by my feet though the house ! ........I alsohave two 4 month old Rotties that love to steal my husbands clothes out of the hamper and take them outside , ( I have a doggie door )the other day I looked out the window and they had taken all of his workclothes out in the yard and were having a tug of war with them !!!
Thank goodness they were already dirty ......
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Heidie walks with me with her head stuck between my legs at times. Shultz likes to sit on top of heidie and max when there laying on the floor. He also likes to hold onto maxes leash when we go for walks. Max like to break up the cats when they fighting
Magnus likes to wake me up when he feels I have slept long enough. He will start biting at my bed and tugging my sheets to get me up. He also play growls and whines until I get out of bed. It's really annoying at the time, but I always get a laugh out of it. Another funny thing he does: Whenever we go to Petsmart he knows he is going to get all sorts of goodies from the employees there. As soon as we get to the checkout counter he puts his head up on the counter and gives the cashier those big soft puppy eyes. he usually gets about 3 biscuits at the checkout counter alone, lol.
Yeah I forgot about the bed in the morning. Now diamond is already hogging the bed but Bud he will just sit there with his head on the bed staring until you wake up cause you feel someone staring at you. It never fails he won't whine or move or growl just sits there silently staring. He knows if he sits there long enough one of us will wake up to let him out.
I also have horses and all three of my rotties have a fetish for the empty feed sacks. It seems to be a game of capture the flag .....or sack in this scenario. They will only drag out one sack and will occupy themselves as long as I let them trying to take it away from each other.

well my baily girl,when she wants something she will definenitly tell you,she will literly try to talk to you,not bark but try to form words with a lot of grunting and mumbleing.if you are in bed a sleep and you do not respond to her after about ten min.s she will pull the covers off of you and demand that you get up.i can tell her to go lay down and she will listen (me alpha orr,orr)but if im not home,she will literaly pull my wife out of bed and not leave her alone intell she gets what she wants, wether it be a toy,food or to go outside.
Hercules is very demanding too, and he knows who to go to when he wants something done, me. He's funny because he will act like he's got to go potty and get me out of bed then take my spot in bed. So I will have to adjust to him. Or he perch on the back of the sofa and look out the window and pout till I bring him for a walk. Or nudge me when he wants me to go to bed so he gets his puppy treats. He always has a toy waiting for me when I come in from work so we can play. He brightens my days.
Heres one .... Smells your breath ..... If he thinks i have eaten something without him .... I get the nose .... There is this head right there smelling my breath ....

Not sure " who's the boss "
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The funniest thing my 2 rotties do is get into the shower with me! Since they are only 13 weeks old, it's not a problem of enough room; however I can see where it might be a problem later!
They also like to "help" me brush my hair, and Cooper will bring a hair tie to me and drop it in my lap. These boys love the kitchen and love to help me cook, they grab my cast iron skillets and drag them across the floor to me after pulling them out of the cupboard!
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Hercules always smells your breath too!! When you leave him in from out side or when you wake up in the morning. He also always smells my boobs.
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When I first see Creasey Bear, whether it be first thing in the morning or when I come home from anywhere, I have to sit on the floor and say "Give Mommy Love!" and she curls up in between my seperated legs and snuggles. She's also funny because her only goal in life is to chew on something fabric while laying on our furniture (she knows she's not allowed up there!).
Zeus get really excited everytime he poops!!! He will run around in large circles and start attacking the feet of the first person that moves. I am not sure why this brings him so much joy, but after much experience I have learned to freeze until he settles down or he will take off with my foot and I will fall on my *ss.
Great Topic

I don't know where to start with my Rot, everything about him is funny. some of the stories about sound just like him.

My personal favorite is the antics of our very own Love Time. When I catch Buddylooking at me eye to eye, I'll say, "Let me havelove with my big Doggie". Then he rolls over while I usually crawltowards him. Theminute I start scratching his tummy, and talking about loving him, he starts growling, as I move up to his neck and face the growling gets more fierce, when I go in to kiss his snout he's growling louder, showing his teeth, and kissing me at the same time. If I stop talking to him, he'll stop the growling, but as soon as I start talking to him again with my love words, he starts growling. I think the growling is to pretend he doesn't like my loving him, but when I pull away he hits me with his paw in an effort to say, "more". My husand is usually in hysterics, butI have to keep from laughing because if I do, Buddy will cock a look at me as if to say, "What"?

Anything happens to him please just put me to sleep for3 months.

Buddy's Nana
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