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When do male Rottweilers stop growing?

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I own a male Rottweiler and he's 8 months old. He is extremely big and not to mention tall. But he is more longer than he is wider. Does anyone know the age in which they will stop growing? I'm just curious. Because I have a female (his mom) and she'll be 4 yrs old in Oct and he has passed her up in size.
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most male rottweilers continue to grow until they are 2 years old and then they will keep filling out until they are 3 years old so don't worry he will become wider as he gets older
I had a male that never filled out.I neutered him at 4 years old.Like melissa said it could be 2 years it could be 4 years it could be never.

He will be what he will be.

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my male stopped at about two and then filled out. He's quite tall and weighs 140lbs.
I have a male rotti to he is still a puppy and I say to myself everyday if you get any bigger im going to pass he isnt a mix pup and he is huge he is a whopping 125 pounds and he hasnt even begin to stop growing he is well built and it amazes some other owners cause they dont believe me when I tell them he is still only 10 months he is so loveable but as the say dont worry your pet will fill out when he is ready and he will grow at his own pace just be happy and appreciate him and everything will fall into place
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My male stopped growing in
height at 2 yrs and between 2 & 3 started
to fill out he got real thick .... Now he
looks like a ROCKweiller ... For a long
time people would ask what HER name was
cause he was small ... Well at
almost 3 now no one mistakes his masculinity
... So just take your time and feed and
exercize him and time will tell ... </font>
Wow 125 and 140 my males top out at about 110.That is about where they should be in weight.Some people do breed them bigger(cause in Amer.)bigger is better,but it does not make for a healthy dog.

well 125 he is healthy and I make sure that he is checked regularly he is exercised regularly and i watch his intake of what he eats i am happy and he is happy and right now that is all that matters to me but he is 100% healthy i have the vet bills to prove it
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I don't mean hes fat I mean he is a bit big.

I had a male who weighted 140 and in the summer he could not do anything because he was so big.I have now learned they are not supose to be that big,and my dogs are smaller.a 100 lb dog will out work a 140lb dog.

I've heard of a 175 pound rott before.dunno if it is true but a friend of mine says it is.
My male is 13 mths old and 125 lbs and he is lazier then chewy the female she is about 95 lbs she is 15 mths old. I wouldn't say he isn't healthy. Males tend to be less active then females anyway. Even when hewas younger he was alwayslazy!
I have never owned a lazy Rottweiler.

If you give them things to do,and think about they will never be lazy.I find males easyier to train and are more willing to please.

haha well my female isnt lazy but she is less active but that is only because she had heart worm and has a weak heart she is also over weight but i am working on bringing her weight down by going for walks she used to not beable to do 1/2 mile but now we walk 2 miles everyday!
My rotty is about 145-150 pounds and he is still very active! He has a 1-acre pen to run in and loves it. He runs around like a horse all the time lol.
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