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When to add on?

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For those of you who have more than one rottie when did you get them? How old were they and their gender? How did they do when theywere together in the begining till now? Would it be better to bring them up together or does it matter? Thanks
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All those questions.

I have brought in dogs at different ages.It is better to have two of the opp sex.

Females can be quite bitchie and I have had to live with two dogs that can not be out at the same time.It gets a little hare that way.If you have an older dog then a puppy would do better as the puppy will learn to respect the older girl and hopfully will not try to take control.

Two puppies at one time is a real hand full and only for the fool harty
I know I'm one of them people.

Are you thinking of getting another dog?if so why?and how old is your dog again?

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Yeah and as always Donna is right on track there. If your gonna do two, opposite sexes, are the best way to go.Two females are asking for a cat fight and that ain't pretty(especially between dogs, I mean who wants dogs that act like cats huh? anyway if your going to have them the same age (ouch) then they should be brought up together, but if one is gonna be at least a year older than you can add a puppy whenever you feel ready and up to the task of 2. Edited by: missy30
My Bella, I have always alternated boy girl , boy girl . I have my Kitty she is a very dominat girl and when I rescued my Zeus she was 2 and he was 5 ( they are now 4 and 7 ) Zeus is twice her size but he takes her sh*t . It's funny cause he could woop her butt at any time but doesn't. They just love each other ! Shemounts him all the time
( which is a sign of dominance )I will tell you when you rescue you have to treat them a little different then you would a puppy , you have to give them space for at least a week or so , let them check out their enviroment , I don't give alot of affection duning this time , I know it sounds cruel but you have to establish who is the boss in the pack ! and they need that ajustment time .Then slowly I give more and more . Now you would think that I raised my Zeus from a puppy ! I also have rescued 2 five month olds a boy and a girl , they ARE A HAND FULL but I have a big yard and a doggie door which helps. My Kitty disiplines them like they are her pups and Zeus at first was holy sh*t whats going on here
but he does well with their shannigens for the time being . I crate so the little pups are not left alone with the big dogs at any time ! My suggestion to you is get one dog good and trained then think about another one
good luck with your Bella
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I do not have two rotti's but I have a rotti and a pitty and Bronx, the rotti was about 1 yr 3 mos when we added on Brookie, she is now about 10 mos, and yes we are most likely getting a rescue pitty soon, in the next few weeks assuming all goes thru.

Bronx was great with the puppy, mind you we had to keep an out for him crushing her, but they are best of buds, but he was very well socialized with other dogs so he loves em. I am hoping the new addition will go just as smooth, Brookie also loves other dogs, she is more of a suck then him, did not think it was possible. we just make sure to give them equal attention and buy two of everything, soon three of everything I guess.

I guess all dogs act differantly towards additions, but I wish you luck if you get another...its hard work, but its worth it...In my opinion, but I am a dog nut.
Bella is just now turning 5 months a mix up between my husband and I. I have had dogs my whole life but none of them have came close to the expirence we have had with Bella. We are moving into a new house in Feb 06 with a nice big yard and I would love to add on to the family with another rottie. I was just wondering if 2 were better than one or if it would just cause trouble. We want to make the right choice for our family and for Bella.
Well when you come across the right ROTTY you will know its time .... If your planning then wait till the ONE you have IS " all knowing " when you feel your boy/girl is grown enough to have another thats gonna learn from the one you have ....... And your comfortable with that " thens its TIME " .... Thats the way i've done for many years .... " monkey see .... monkey do " ....

Good Luck .....

@ 5 months I'd wait till Feb ....
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barcurdan , your right about the monkey see monkey do .... my kitty and ( my Allie she's pasted ) hates the sweeper she barks and bites at it ( the old one had teeth makes in it
) I now have a dyson( there will not be any teeth marks in this one )but before I bought it I started to crate Kitty while I ran the sweeper just easier then fighting her , but anyway my Zeus never used to care about the sweeper but now seeing how Kitty is he's barking at it !!!!! talk about a learned habit !! he's not as bad though I tell him to shhhhh and he does but not Kitty she barks the whole time I'm sweeping .... the terrible two don't seem to care about it and I hope it stays that way !!!
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