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When will he fill out????

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Hi i am new to this site and was happy to run across it! i do have a concern that i would like some reply to,I am a proud parent to a 1 1/2 year old male rotti, he weight only 85 pounds and eats constantly, but has really long legs, the vets all tell me he is in excellent shape but when i look at other pics of rotti's there are ALL bigger and filled out i was told to wait he will get bigger can anyone help answer this..... when will he fill out and if he will fill out he still looks like a puppy has any one else ran across this
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Is he fixed is?, would be my 1st question. If he's not then about 2 years from what I have read he will fill out. I have a female, she is 16 months old. and we let her run and play all the time so she has musle behind her, But not male looking. Playing and swimming build their tone. If he is fixed the tone is what you will have to work on. You also need to look at what the parents and Granparents looked like. I can give you only my opion here but my Dallas parents are standard(sp) to the breed. So I can look for her to be about the same. The bigger the rottie is not always the better. Bigger rottie's get hip problems. I would say if the vet says he is good weight for his size stay with the vet. And if musle tone is your consren more playing, running and swimming if he likes water, and it's warm out.

thanks for the reply ... he is fixed and very active when i can get him off the couch? doesn't being fixed just make him fatter though or should i have waited till he was 3 or 4 to neauter him ( i neautered him to help with his behavior) i am a new rotti owner so any advice is good i don't want a really large FAT dog he just looks like he should be bigger due to his height thanx
It all depends on the lines your dog comes from on how he will fill out.Some people do not have their dogs neutered until they are older,but I have all my puppys I sell neutered at six months and it does not bother them.The longer it takes for your boy to grow up the better.You do not want them looking and being adults at a year old.Just injoy him and one day he will be all grown up.

between 2 and 3 he will fill
OUT he should be as tall as
he is gonna get about 1 1/2
and then he should fill out
...... like shell said swimming is
great for them .... I also
used a weight jacket that i
ran him in ......

Take your time he will grow
up fast enough ....... Then
you have a whole nother set
of problems ...... So dont
rush it ENJOY the puppy stage
it wont last ....

PS: mg1 ... as for 250 I WANNA SEE
you can send that link along

" thanks "
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