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Which toy to play with?

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I get so tickled at Dally playing. She has her two favorates, a tire on a rope & a soccer size tennis ball. She trys to play with both toys at the same time. Knowing her mouth is not that big. It is really funny to watch. Now add a 17 pound cat who likes the same toys. Dally is not the sharing kind. She is convinsed they are hers and only hers. The cat will start a game of "catch me if you can" and yes Dally falls for it everytime. The cat will be sure Dally sees him touch her toys as he runs for the couch.
All the cat has to do is run over the toys. I have seen Dally share her food with the cat.
But not the toys. Dally has never nipped at orbit at the cat, so I let them play. Just have to teach the cat that 2 a.m. is not a good time to start a game of any kind.

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2 am is the best time for cats to race,there are no people in the way.

Mine always raced around early in the morning.It's better then Nascar.

Yeah that's whatmine would do too and get Diamond up and going, and of course the cat never bumped, hit, or knocked anything over but Diamond would bump the tables, and hit the wall, or knock everything over that could be knocked over. I miss those nights sometimes now, it's too quiet here at night with kitty gone. Sometimes I think Diamond is looking for her and when she can't find her she lays down and sighs. It's sad but it's getting easier, little by little.
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