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Why that user name ?

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Just wondering why everyone chose the username they have. My name 2bad is short for 2badrotties. I just use the 2bad because I don't want people to get the wrong impression. The "bad" means mischievous not bad as in mean or nasty. SO, it was easier to type 2badrotties than 2mischievousrotties and it was even easier to just type 2bad. There you have it, now why YOUR username ?
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you mean you wern't ?

K if thats what you want to know here go's .........

Barcurdan =

Bar / barbara

Cur / curtiss

Dan / = daniels

Barbara Curtiss
Daniels is the
name of the person that owned

computer i was using when i joined the site ....

No my name is not ( Dan )
nor does ( bar ) have anything to
do with

my fovorite pass time .....

and my name is not barbara either !!!!!
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