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Yet , another Newbie!

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Hi y'all ,

My name is Suzanne and a friend of mine introduced me to y'alls group.
I'm 23 and from Morocco , IN. About an hour and a half to 2 hours tops
from Chicago. Hopefully you'll see my "crew" on my website that should
be around this thing somewhere , maybe on my profile. I've got Kiarah ,
she's my first rotti and surely not my last! She'll be a year old on
the 30th of this month. Then there is Chip , my austrailian shep and
chocolate lab mix , we're guessing he's getting to be around 2 yrs old.
Then the cat. Aromis , I really can't say much about this critter
because he was here before I came into the picture. Then the
biggest critter on my crew is my fiancee Scott. I'm sure you can tell
which one he is.. haha..Then we're in the process of trying to adopt
Reno (no pic yet). He's a 5 yr old rotti from NJ as we decided we're
not going to breed Kiarah due to showing early problems with her hips
as well as not having papers. Well , I hope to get to know some of
y'all and hope to hear from y'all soon and look forward to being on
this site!!

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Hey! It's about time ya posted! hehehehe just joking! welcome and glad to see ya finally made it here. Just watch out for that Rotty2thecore person HE LIKES TO PICK ON US GIRLS!
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Hi Susanne ...... welcome to the club ..... we need all the girls we can get here .....
right Rotty..
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Nice photos ...Susanne ....... I like the one of your rottie sleeping on your lab cute ! and the reindeer is adorable , didn't know you could keep them in your house
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Thank you all for your warm welcomes to the group. Kitty , funny
story about Kiarah with the antlers on is we had just shot the picture
with them on the cat , Kiarah thought they were hers she so jumped up
onto the chair to snag 'em off of his head then took off with 'em and
would not give them up unless they went on her head only. She loved
walkin' around with them on too. But you picked my favorite picture of
them two sleepin' together after a long day of playin' , infact I've
got that on one as my desktop picture back when she was innocent and
now she loves to terrorize the cat. I really need to update them photos
because she's gotten so big from xmas time until now.

Rotty2TheCore , Is that peace sign up on your little flower guy so the girls don't attack ya ?
I'm sure my Scott might post once in a great while , so you two can always buddy up also if us girls gang up on ya.
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Hello & Welcome ....

Nice pics you have there ....

love the pics keep em coming ...

R2C i like the wig & glasses ......
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Hey welcome to this group.Ally and I were trying to figure out who we should tell about this group as we are trying to keep it nice here.

Yeah I told her to bring her butt here! She's one of us
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Rotty so thats what you look like
it's about time you posted a pic of yourself

Sissy ... thats to funny that a dog would want them on his head ..... mine would say WHAT...have you lost your mine women !!!
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Ha ha your not prehistoric
Yes he maybe ....

A new study says that
35 is historic and that 50
is (pre) historic

course i think i read this
in teen beat magazine or

Love the new pic R2C
see you got your color back .....
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Rotty no I mean the hippie pic ! we all know your a dino at heart
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here Kitty Kitty........ Hippie pic....hmmmmmmm I might have one from when I was at woodstock........Peace
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Which woodstock would that be ? The ones before my time or the recent
ones? .. haha.. hmm , come to think of it , I ain't ever been at any
concerts in my life. Tell me the experience oh wise one R2C... lol...

Well , I had a let down. The 5 yr old rotti went to another home closer. I just hope he's got a loving home..
Sissy... sorry to hear you didn't get your 5 yr old
keep looking cause there are alot of rotts out there that need a good home like yours ....
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Yeah don't get down there's plenty more out there and the right one will find you!
I never went to woodstock LOL. I'm old no doubt, Dino OLD, but not woodstock old eh LOL.
Well R2C , you know what they say .. "You're as old as you feel"
sometimes I feel 23 and at other times I feel 80 or so. lol

I think right now we're going to hold off on getting another rotti for
the time being. We just got news that my fiancee screwed up on
his taxes (never let a man do a woman's job when it comes to
money 'cuz we're either good spenders or penny pinchers) and owes money
so I'd rather wait to get that situated and Chip is having some bladder
problems so I've got to get him to my vet to find out what's going on.
For the time being I have started giving him some extras in his food
dish such as a boiled egg and lastnight he got a little bit of browned
hamburger with a Vitamin tablet. Hopefully it's just something that can
be resolved quickly and easily but what scares me is he's done it in
his sleep a couple of times or starts walkin' and pee's without knowin'
it. So I hope it's just a slight infection and nothing really major.
Cross fingers for me , Chip , and my wallet !! ..
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