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you have to see this

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i got this in an email!! it really made me made, take a look and tell me what you think, turn on the speakers the song adds to it
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Ya thats something allright
...... Dont much care for people
that abuse their dog ( even pitts
and dobbies ) just aint right .....

" GOD HELP " anyone that makes
my dog Yelp ..... Now a good CAT fight ...... lol ....


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That is really sad it made me cry because i mean if someone sees a pit they tell their children to stay away from the dog and it is realy just pathetic. I mean how bout we throw the owners in a ring grab their faces and shake htem and drug them up so that they are mean and then see how many of the owners survive its just so stupid that they would ever want to hurt such a great animal. Edited by: kira9
WOW ... Kira thats a bit strong
huh .... And besides if we were to
do that some activist group would
only get upset .... Don't think
theres much you can do about it .... Seems like
its only US the people that
have GOOD dogs and care are
the ones that pay the price ....
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The reason peoplecan fight dogs here is because of our breeding program.Everyone who has a dog can breed it,we have no breed wardens like in Germany.There if you want to breed the breeding has to be approved(no BYB there).It would be nice if there were something like that here,but it's the land of the free so we can do what ever we want or sue.

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