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You know you've waited too long to find a mate when:

--you think stripping is something you do to a terrier

--you meet a guy named Bob and instantly visualize purple and gold


--you think nothing about loudly discussing studs and bitches in a fancy


--the first thing you notice about a guy is what breed of dog he has

--your biggest turn-off is a guy with an obnoxious untrained dog

--you have ever ruled out a guy as a prospective date based on the breed

of dog he owns

--you dismiss all the guys your mother introduces you to as "not breeding


--you never could stick to a diet to impress a guy, but you can do it to

get through that TDX track

--your only nice jewelry features either dogs, dumbbells, or rosettes

--you have a video on how to artificially inseminate your dog but last

watched a dirty movie in junior high school

--when you talk about "scoring" you mean how you did at last weekend's

obedience trial

--your dog has more letters after his name than the last ten guys you've

dated, and actually completed obedience school

--you start using operant conditioning techniques to get what you want

from your boyfriend, and you won't let him read your copy of "Don't Shoot The


--you think that maybe your current guy has potential if you use the

proper combination of positive reinforcement and the occasional well-timed ear pinch

--you "people watch" at the mall by making mental lists of the

conformational faults each bypasser has to contribute to the gene pool

--you think if you ever did marry and have children that you wouldn't

have to buy a playpen because you already have an extra x-pen. And why buy a

crib?? Crates are cheaper and they're enclosed on all sides

--you give all of your married friends child-rearing advice based on your

extensive background in dog training

--your mother's worst fear is that you'll have a child and make it wear a

pinch collar

--your mother's second worst fear is you'll get married and your dog will

be in the wedding party

--you actually have friends whose dogs HAVE been part of the wedding


--when your cousin tells you how much her wedding costs you think how

many show-quality puppies that could buy you

--all of your friends always include your dog in any invitation they

issue to you. Of course, you reciprocate because you only have doggy friends

left....the others have stopped inviting you places because you insist on

bringing the dog!

--when you read the personal ads you skip past the vital statistics and

rule out any that don't say "animal lover"

--you know your dog's cholesterol but not your own

--when you lament to your friends about chronic yeast infections, they

don't know you're talking about your dog's ears

--you last had a professional portrait done for your high school

graduation, but you just spent 50% of your dog's purchase price having his done by

the best canine photographer in the country

--you and your dog use the same kind of hairbrush, and you never can keep

straight whose is whose

--you spend 8 hours grooming your dog for a show the day before, and 1.25

minutes ponytailing your hair the morning of the show.

--you think that people with bad bites shouldn't be allowed to breed

--your mother is ecstatic to see you browsing the aisle with the hair

coloring, after hounding you for three years to try highlighting....only

to be disappointed when she finds you are looking for peroxide to "touch up"

your Clumber's drool marks

--when someone mentions single bars, you wonder if they are talking about

utility or agility jumps

--when you go "clubbing", you have your choice of the all-breed club, the

specialty club, the obedience club, or the tracking club

--you once made earrings out of old rabies tags, and all your friends

wanted a pair.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .author unknown

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