Training Your Rottweiler

Training for dogs of any breed is best started at puppyhood. A Rottweiler is no different. Considering that your Rottweiler will grow to be one big powerful dog, obedience training is very important for both you and your dog's future.

A Rottweiler is a very popular pet for families however its size and brute strength can often be menacing to those who are unfamiliar with the breed.

Most dog trainers believe that socialization is of topmost priority before anything else.  Your Rottweiler should start its training by getting used to the presence of people and other dogs. Pity is the owner whose Rottweiler can't be controlled when other people or dogs are around. Its size and strength can only prove to be too much to handle.

A Rottweiler can be easily trained. It is one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. However, it will constantly test your patience and self-control. Thus, you must be consistent, assertive and firm so that your Rottweiler will realize who the Alpha dog is.

Training your Rottweiler also proves to be an easy task because this loyal dog will do anything to please the other members of the dog, particularly the alpha dog.  However, they can easily get distracted. Thus, you should conduct your training sessions in a quiet place away from any disturbance.

A Rottweiler is generally an aggressive breed thus training should be done as early as possible and should start with the simplest commands such as stay and sit. Always be assertive because a Rottweiler will tend to dominate you. Be sure to keep in handy your dog's favorite goodies and be quick to reward good behavior.

In terms of socializing, once your Rottweiler gets used to you and the other members of the pack, start introducing a friend or another dog from time to time to develop and encourage your Rottweiler to become more sociable. 

Training dogs, particularly Rottweilers, demand endurance and constant repetition until your dog is able to follow through with your command. Never attempt to move on unless your Rottweiler has learned the task.

Although your Rottweiler is one intelligent dog, it can sometimes forget, thus you need to constantly check and repeat the command. On occasions that you find your Rottweiler slacking, you have to go back to the basics until you are satisfied with the results.  As you can see, you will need tons and tons of patience.

It is a sound step to recall basic tasks everyday and slowly progress to the more complicated ones.  Training your Rottweiler can be easy just don't expect overnight success. Your persistence and effort will bear fruit in the long run.

As a recap, here are a few things to keep in mind when training your Rottweiler--

Tip #1.  There are no miracles in Rottweiler training.

Tip #2.  Training should never be one boring activity. Make it exciting so that your Rottweiler will look forward to your sessions.  Inject variety and make your training sessions short (10-15 minutes will be great)

Tip #3.  Increase the amount of time that you devote to training sessions as your dog gets older.

Tip #4.  Be lavish with your praise when your dog has done well.  Don't be hard on your dog and don't go over in imposing discipline for it will look at training as something negative and associate the activity with harsh behavior from you.

Tip #5. Training needs careful planning. There should be fluidity and continuity as each stage progresses.  Mastery is a very important factor to consider before you move on to the next.