Rottweilers And Obedience Class

If you own a Rottweiler, you know that discipline is a pretty important factor you can’t overlook. And if you start your dog off right from the start, you’ll notice that your dog is better behaved as it grows older.

Enrolling your new Rottweiler in puppy school is a necessity, as it not only trains the dog, but the human as well. And bring the whole family along – it’s important that everyone knows how to manage the Rottweiler so he becomes a well-adjusted member of the family.

Good habits should be taught right away – there’s not age restriction. But if you want to add serious training to your puppy’s curriculum, you should wait until he is at least six month old.

Shop around and go with a trainer that has extensive experience and knowledge. That way, you know that the trainer can deal with just about any behavior problems your Rottweiler pup might have. As well, a trainer needs to be purposeful and patient. Once a trainer finishes teaching your puppy, he will be an amazing site. And who knows – you puppy may have enough talent to make it in the obedience show ring.

Even when the class ends, you still need to continue practicing obedience lessons with your dog even after the class ends. Try incorporating lessons into everyday routines so you dog will have a better chance remembering them.

We have a few examples of training you can practice every day. As your Rottweiler puppy follows you around the house, use the “heel” command, and then to "sit" and "stay" while you prepare dinner. When you wake your dog up in the morning, greet him with the "roll over" command. As you’re getting ready for the day ahead, ask your dog to "go find the ball" and "go get the leash" before you go for walks together.

Training never ends. As your puppy grows into a mature Rottweiler, you’ll need to add new training into the mix to keep your dog interested. An old dog can learn new tricks – especially when it comes to obedience and discipline.