Tips to Stop Your Rottweiler from Running Away

It is natural for a dog to roam a little bit when he has the space – he will enjoy following new scents and exploring his world. If your dog happens to get off the leash or runs out the front door, however, his roaming could be taken to the next level and he might find himself in a dangerous situation. Rottweilers can sometimes be challenging to train, but it is still your job as a dog owner to train your dog for obedience, for his safety and yours. Keep reading to learn how to keep your Rottweiler from running away every time you open the door.

Teaching Your Dog to Sit and Stay

One of the best things you can do to prevent your Rottweiler from bursting through the door every time you open it is to teach him to sit and stay before you open the door. You can start training your dog to do this at any age, but you need to remain consistent with it if you want your Rottweiler to follow through. All you need to do is teach your dog to respond to the Sit and Stay commands and then use them consistently each time you open the door. Here is a step-by-step guide for teaching these two commands to your Rottweiler:

  1. Kneel in front of your Rottweiler with a handful of treats.
  2. Place one treat in your dominant hand and hold it in front of your dog’s nose then let him sniff it.
  3. Tell your Rottweiler to “Sit” in a firm tone then move the treat up and forward toward the back of your dog’s head.
  4. Your dog should lift his nose to follow the treat and, in doing so, lower his bottom to the floor.
  5. When your dog’s bottom hits the floor, praise and reward him.
  6. Repeat this sequence until your Rottweiler is performing the desired behavior without you having to guide him – you can also start phasing out the food reward at this point.
  7. Start teaching your dog to stay by telling him to Sit, immediately following it with the Stay command.
  8. Wait a few seconds then say Okay and give your dog the praise and reward he has earned.
  9. Repeat this sequence, making your dog hold the position a little longer each time before releasing him.
  10. Start adding movement to the sequence by telling your dog to Sit and Stay, then take a few steps backward and pause before returning to your dog and issuing the reward.

Once your dog has a thorough grasp on the Sit and Stay commands, you can start putting them to use. Each time you let your dog out to do his business or you take him outside for a walk, ask him to Sit and Stay before you open the door. Make sure to wait a few seconds to reinforce your dog’s mastery of the commands before you open the door and don’t let him walk through the door until you release him. Remember, the more consistent you are about enforcing this rule, the faster your dog will learn. Treats and praise will play an important role in reinforcing this command.

In addition to teaching your Rottweiler to sit and stay before you open the door, you should always make sure you know where your dog is before you open the door, especially if you aren’t taking him with you. It’s also a good idea to put your Rottweiler’s leash on while he is sitting before you open the door. If your dog does happen to get away and he isn’t listening to commands, follow him calmly – chasing him might simply cause him to run faster. You can also try sitting down or walking back toward your house – in many cases, your dog will get curious and follow you.